Work With Us

We are a young company focusing on simplifying students life.
We are always looking for talented people. - SOON we will announce the opening.
What we are looking in YOU?
You have to love what you do. That’s a MUST. Also you’ll have to be willing to put some effort in getting better each day. Our team if cheerful and our culture is quite relaxed. If you’re easing you’ll surely click with everyone instantly. Although you background should be great, we’re aware that no one is perfect, yet. Don’t beat yourself about it. Here everyone can help you. Our experience is huge and knowledge is constantly shared within the team.
You have to work smart. Prioritization and managing your own personal workload will do wonders for you. No matter whether you’re working in a team or individually, this is going to help both you and your teammates do more.
If you’ve recognized yourself in here, please send your application on 

We’d be very happy to hear from you